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Severine Deslions

Severine Deslions

Born in France in 1972

‘Ecole des Beaux Arts of Tours from 1990 to 1992

Lives and works in Tours France.


She has already exhibited in many places besides her native France including London, Bonn, Beirut, Dubai, and soon in South America.  

Since graduating Ms. DesLions has accomplished a great deal With many exhibitions in many far-flung areas of the world, she has also drawn the attention of many art critics.  Magazine coverage on her work is vast but mostly in foreign languages.

She has always been a great fan of comic book characters so it is no surprise that she created her own super hero, “Speed Boy,” who traverses all her canvases helping to point out all the things in the world that must change in order to get us back to our lost humanity.  Of course it is easy to see other influences in her work.  Basquiat, who Severine holds up as the undisputed master of Street Art, is a strong source of inspiration in her art as are her other idols:  Miro, de Kooning, Picasso and Karel Appel. 

Her artistic DNA also finds it roots in ‘Art Brute,’ primitive art and in particular the Maasai tribal art.

 “I love above all what we humans are made of, but explains that we should not limit ourselves.   We must fully release the positive sides of our natures.  As Diogenes, it is in broad daylight that we look for a Man; but unlike the Greek philosopher mired in cynicism, she hopes to find him and make him discover his deep and caring nature – a challenge ! “


En permanence :

Galerie 21  Tours France

Galerie ARTLAB Beirut Liban et Emirat d’Abou Dabi

RosettaStone Fine Art Gallery  Floride, ÉTATS-UNIS

Gallerix Art Club, Moscou, RUSSIE

Galerie la Bohême  Deauville

Art Dealers Galeria - Mexico , Mexique

CK. Art Space - Seoul , Coree du Sud

A venir :

1st Mai au 7th June 2017 - Solo Show - Seoul , Coree du Sud represente par CK.Art space Gallery

Mars 2017 - Dubai

22 au 26 Decembre 2016 Seoul Art Show - Seoul, Coree du Sud Represente par CK. Art space Gallery

17 au 20 Mars 2017 -Asia Contemporary Art Show HongKong, Chine Represente par CK.Art space Gallery

15 au 18 Septembre 2016 – Asia Contemporary Art Show  – Hong Kong, Chine représenté par Charlie K Artspace Gallery

11 au 14 Mai 2016 – Seoul Soaf Contemporary Art Fair – Seoul, Corée du Sud représenté par Charlie K Artspace Gallery

2016 – Exposition en partenariat avec le groupe EDF France

5 Novembre 2015 – RosettaStone Fine Art Gallery – Opening Season 2015-2016

2015Beirut Art Fair – Liban représenté par la galerie ARTLAB

2014 –  Galerie Pop Up Art Gallery Bruxelles, BELGIQUE

2014 –  Galerie Arte Mansifreddy  Montevideo, URUGUAY

2014 – Galerie du Parc  Joué-les-Tours

2014 – Galerie ARTLAB Beyrouth, LIBAN

2014 Galerie de Medicis Paris

2014 Galerie la Bohême  Deauville

2014 – Beirut Art Fair – Liban représenté par la galerie ARTLAB.

2013 – Arcades Institute Tours

2013 – Galerie Modus Paris

2013Galerie Waldberg  Orléans

2013 – La galerie Arromanches

2013 Galerie la Bohême  Deauville

2013 – Affordable Art Fair de Londres

2012 – Maison des Arts  Montbazon

2012 – Abbaye de Cormery

2012 – Galerie Cravantaise Chinon


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