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김 봉 화 Bonghwa Kim

*Invited, Solo, Group & Booth Exhibition

Seoul Arts Center

Gallery Asan Medical Center

Gwanak Library

2010 Busan Biennale, Gallery See & Sea

Irvine City

Los Angeles Public Library

Korean Cultural Center

Craft & Folk Art Museum,

Muckenthaler Center, etc. 50 more times

*2005 The Elaine Weissman L.A. Treasure Awards

2006 Apprenticeship Grantee – Master Artist (Alliance for California Traditional Arts)

I thread a needle for my wishes.

The needle penetrates my mind and gets out again and again.

Sometimes, it goes past by my body.

But I never feel pains completely.

바늘에 실을 꿴다.

바늘은 내 안으로 들어갔다 다시 나온다.

가끔은 스쳐 지나간다.

그래도 전혀 아프지 않다.

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